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My Plumber!

Tired of Juggling Kids, Work, Shopping, (You Name It)?! Let us make one thing easier: dealing with your plumbing. You’ve busy multi-tasking every minute of every day. You shouldn’t have to juggle one more thing when you have a plumbing problem. That’s why Village Plumbing respects you, your time, your home, and your sanity when …

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Quality Plumbing!

Dont’t let the smallest piece in your plumbing ruin the look of your bathroom. Isn’t it amazing how the smallest blemishes can ruin the look of an entire room? If you’ve ever gotten a stain on your favorite shirt, then you know how the smallest thing can really stand out. The same might be happening …

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Plumbing Problems!

Don’t Face Your Plumbing Problems Alone! Village Plumbing is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect you from plumbing emergencies! You’re busy enough juggling the daily “to do” list. What you need is a sure-fire solution to all of your plumbing problems… someone who understands your busy life and is …

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Need A Plumber

Village Plumbing was in Tarzana, We installed a new Grohe Lady Lux, Sprayer on kitchen faucet. Installed a new vent hood on TK1- tested working fine. Installed a remote in master bath for water heater. Also installed a descale filter on TK1. Village Plumbing installed a new Kholer toilet, manufacture, sent customer a new for …

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Takagi Tankless water Heater!

Village Plumbing was in Pacific Palisades, Rep from takagi met with us there, to troubleshoot the TK32. was able to get the heat exchanger working with the help of the rep from Takagi Tankless Water Heaters. Ordered and replaced a Sub-Zero Seal for customer in Calabasas, replaced gas valve in B-B-Q. Removed toilet and re-set. …

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Entry Vue Video Intercom Systems!

Village plumbing was in Pacific Palisades, troubleshooting a video intercom system. The manufacture sent us the fix-it-ticket, to troubleshoot system. Village Plumbing was able to get the video, and the auto working. We will have to return to get the automatic door unlock to work. So, long time customers are happy, when up-stairs, they now …

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Reliable Plumbing Company

village Plumbing was in Northridge, a customer had a washing machine that was stuck in wash cycle. Village plumbing was able to met the maintenance company over at the Sherman Way property, and did a leak detection. Now, 24 prior all the tenants were told no water was to be used during this 30 minute …

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Affordable Plumbing, Quality Plumbers!

Village Plumbing was in Tarzana,

Residential, and Commercial Plumbing Service

Village Plumbing was in van Nuys, doing a leak detection. A Company had realized that they’ve had a leak for 40 days. Where’s all the water going? Is the question. Village Plumbing went out to see if we could locate the water under ground, before a disaster happens. recommented that they should have a soil …

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Septic Tank Clean Out, Chatsworth!

Village Plumbing was in Chatsworth, a customer called in for an estimate to replace her septic tank. Village Plumbing went out there to find that she had a line that had been crushed, and the waste was seeping into the earth, along side of tank. Village Plumbing dug up area, repaired the line, pumped out …

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