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Gas Leak In A Kitchen, Hidden Hills, Responded Within An Hour

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Today Village Plumbing was up in La Crecenta insulated a house. Got Emergancy call from Hidden Hills, Responded within 1 hour, there was a gas leak in the kitchen. Gas Company was out at customers house yesterday, so today the tech. went, found the leak, tested working no leaks satisifed customer. Malibu needed certifed tech for takagi water heater. The customers water was going straight to cold when taking a shower, tech tested computer board, changed a fuse, adjusted circulaing pump. Tested working fine.

Slab Leak, Simi Valley

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Village Plumbing in La Crecenta installing a tankless water heater today. Simi Valley doing a slab leak. Locating the leak. saw, cut concrete, repair line and or section that is bad. Back fill earth, pour concrete, tested working fine. Customer very satisfied.

Repair is our Specialty

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Village Plubming had to go back to La Crecenta to finish up work on water line and tankless water heater. Was in Tujunga replacing 3/4 horse disposal, rebuild a toilet, installed owners kitchen faucet, and put in some angle stops and supply lines.

Residential, Commerical, and or Industrial, We Do It All.

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today Village plumbing waas out in La Crecenta installing a tanklees water heater and water line.
Village in encino serving A/C. Will return on Monday to install condensor. Later in Calabasas jet cleaning a line. End of the day will be in Sherman Oaks, customer having problems in guest house, said that there was a gurggling in the plumbing when flushing the toilets. And also having problems with the shower getting back up with toilet water.Sewer problems in Sherman Oaks.

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