Certified Tankless Water Heater Technicians!

Village Plumbing was in Encino, we had to install a garabe disposal. We install a standard 3/4 horse disposal. Village Plumbing then went to West Hills, customer had a leak on copper line. village removed and replaced new 1/2″ copper line to toilet in master bath. We cut line below, removed old line and installed new. Tested working fine. Village Plumbing went to Santa Monica, the drain to the street was stopped up. Village ran cable down drain and cleared root stoppage. tested working fine. From Santa Monica Village Plumbing went to West Hollywood. Customer called in that he had no hot water. It was for a TM1- checked and found heat exchanger leaking. Removed and replaced. Also checked and found that second transformer and plug for transformer and PC bad. Repaired unit and installed water treatment on unit.