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Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning

Is your office building or restaurant complex plagued by blocked drains? Have you tried out all options to clean drains and are still unhappy with the results?  We can help you.

We clean all types of drains, from small sinks to 60” diameter pipes with ease and perfection. We use powerful high pressure jets (0-4000 psi) for drain cleaning.

High pressure water jetting cuts through grease and debris with laser beam like intensity, where normal drain cleaning options fail.  High pressure water jetting’s superior capabilities can clean out a city culvert or sewer, tree roots, and even ice from a frozen drain!

Our state-of-art pumps and heavy duty equipment won’t just completely clean out your drain, they will polish the interiors and restore it to an almost new condition.

Most pipes can easily tolerate the pressure of water jetting. However, our technicians will help you identify whether or not your pipes can be properly and safely cleaned with water jetting.

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