Entry Vue Video Intercom Systems!

Village plumbing was in Pacific Palisades, troubleshooting a video intercom system. The manufacture sent us the fix-it-ticket, to troubleshoot system. Village Plumbing was able to get the video, and the auto working. We will have to return to get the automatic door unlock to work. So, long time customers are happy, when up-stairs, they now can view, and talk to person at front door with-out walking downstairs. This system is very high end technology. A customer in Pacific Palisades, called in, their bath faucet had no pressure, went out and recommended that the cartridge in faucet had to be replaced. Ordered cartridge will return to install. Customer in Valley glen, needed three separate estimates to do work to up-date house to sale. village Plumbing gave one estimate to re-pipe house in type L copper. One estimate to replace exciting water heater. Would install 40 gallon standard american. And third to install a takagi Tankless Water Heater.