Irrigation leaks.

Village Plumbing was in Topanga today, we had to dig to install outside area drains. village Plumbing went to Sylmar to inspect customers property because they got an outstanding high water bill. Village went out to find that there was a couple leaks on the sprinkler system. Will reschedule to install new copper pipe. Village Plumbing went out to Los Angeles to find that customer had cross over on bathroom faucet, and may have same on tub. Installed new cartridge on faucet. Village move circ. pump to old location re-plumbed the water line with copper pipe and check valve. Village plumbing wasa in Winnekta , leak under sink. Leak was coming from nipple, out of wall. removed riser,angle stop and replaced . Tested no leaks. At the same location we gave customer an estimate to replace copper pie on water line.