Main Water Supply, That Comes From A Well!

Village Plumbing and Heating, was in Calabasas, customer had an estimate given to redo her counter tops. And, The toilet has build-up of lime that she wants it to be removed. And The shower Fixture as well. In Topanga Canyon we have a customer that has a well and he believes he has a leak in the pump house. Because there is a pressure issue at times. So our technician went out to find that there was some work at neighbors house and actually four houses work off this well. When they did construction several years ago there was some work done that they had to re-route the lines. And some where with-in that move, we believe that the wiring is shorting out the main pump source to this pump. So it’s a time consuming process, but we have narrowed it down. We have to re-schedule to finish the job.