Residential, and Commercial Plumbing Service

Village Plumbing was in van Nuys, doing a leak detection. A Company had realized that they’ve had a leak for 40 days. Where’s all the water going? Is the question. Village Plumbing went out to see if we could locate the water under ground, before a disaster happens. recommented that they should have a soil specailist come out and test the earth, so they could tell how far down the water has seeped. Village plumbing was also out in Mission Hills, we got a lead, from one of our service providers, that there was some repairs on a house that is up for sale. We were provided with the ok from the bank to go ahead with the repairs. Village Plumbing removed and replaced laundry bibs that was leaking.leak on ice maker line in kitchen. Removed valve in kitchen under sink and replaced, turned water on- no leaks. Village also fixed a leak on sprinkler in back yard. Village Plumbing was in Calabasas, Master bath shower head had come apart, and screws that had been broken. Removed and replaced. Master bath toilet, replaced flush seal. Flush valve seal in the guest bath. Cleared tub stoppage. replaced body glove on dispenser in kitchen. ran cable down vent to dryer and cleaned lent from line.