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Stoppages Caused By Roots!

  • January 04, 2012
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November 16, 2011
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Malibu. All line and Irrigation are ok. Tested one more time No Leaks. In Van Nuys Village Plumbing and Heating had to install 1 1/2″ on 2″ drain- Owner had 3/4″ drain. Opened wall and cut line and installed new tee and trapand stand pipe. Also had to replace hoses on washer. Installed stainless steel hoses. In Valley Glen Village Plumbing and Heating had a Main Line Stoppage. Ran snake cable down 4″ clean out and cleared stoppage. Owner has roots in 6″ line. Recommended to sleeve 6″ line to the street. In Simi Valley Village Plumbing and Heating had an estimate from Service Magic Pros. To install an owners fixtures, and sink.