Sunland/Tujunga Area Storm Drains!

Village Plumbing and Heating was in Sylmar today. We gave an estimate to a Company last month on connecting the heat back up after they had some demo work done in shop. Today it’s on the schedule for service. Village Plumbing and Heating ran new 1 1/4″ gas line from meter to the heater on roof. We ran line up the wall, over, drop wall and across roof to the unit set under the location were it was install. Village Plumbing and Heating had to pull a permit for this job, and inspector had to come out to sign off. After job got inspected , we strapped base line properly with un-i-strut. And then we hook-up the heater. And in Tujunga Village Plumbing and Heating was in Tujunga, There were some area drains that needed to be cleared. We service some Town Homes up in this area that the area drains get clogged with dirt and rocks when it rains we try to keep them cleared, cause, some times it can cause damage to the customers property. There are a few that the location of there Town Home, that the water gathers more than the others