Tankless Water Heaters!

Village Plumbing and Heating , had a call in Northridge. A customer had a sewer camera run down sewer and located brake in line. Sewer location is in Handicap Parking space. Village will saw and cut Asphalt and dig down to sewer at 6 feet deep. Then we would cut bad section out and replace with new copper pipe. Village will back fill, track and compact and replace the asphalt that we remove. Village Plumbing and Heating went to Thousand Oaks, there was a customer that has a TM1-13018422
Two Way Valve leaking- installed new one, tested working no leaks. We also checked and found most of plugs were wet. clean, tested working fine. While we were there customer wanted us to go ahead and service the unit as well. Village Plumbing and Heating cleaned burner compartment.