All Around the Valley (SFV) Service and Repair…

Village Plumbing and Heating was in Northridge today. We have a customer that needed to change out her Appliances. Her washing machine stopped draining water from it. So, today Village Plumbing and Heating was able to remove old Appliances and install new stackable one for her. Village Plumbing and Heating will discard old Appliances when we leave. Village Plumbing and Heating was in Los Angeles. Owner had a gas leak on pilot tube to pilot. Raised control and tightened compressor fittings, and no leaks at this time.
If control valve is moved may start the line to leak again. At that time unit should be replaced..
In Woodland Hills, Village Plumbing removed old spa filter and installed new PenAire Fliter. Plumbed inlet and outlet, set new gauges and tested. Working fine.
Removed and replaced 3/4″ hose bibb on backyard.
Went back to Northridge, and Village Plumbing and Heating
Installed new Takagi TK3Pro. We installed on side of house. Plumbed 3/4″ gas line from meter to unit. Plumbed water from garage to new location, installed water titatium o unit, new shut off and relief valve. Tested working fine.