Service & Repair, Beverly Hills! 90210

Village Plumbing and Heating was in Studio City, a customer had a Kitchen Sink Stoppage. Ran cable down waste cleared, tested working fine. Village Plumbing and Heating was out in Los Angeles, there is Apartment Building down there that has two Boilers that run the Laundry room hot water. The call was for Just not enough hot water! Village Plumbing was there we troubleshot the unit and had to order thee part. Will have to return to install. Village Plumbing fix it temperarly so they will still receive hot water. In Beverly Hills, we have long time customer that her toilet is constantly running. “What can we do to fix that”, customer asked? “I don’t know, but John, will be happy to tell you when he gets there” I told her. We looked at toilet and removed and replaced the flush valve. Back to Northridge, Village Plumbing and Heating had an estimate to replace a section of sewer line.