My go to plumbers.

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Village Plumbing and Heating done plumbing work for me for several years now and I always go back to them. I chose them after doing research myself both online and through recommendations.

One of the things that is impressive is they have been in business for awhile. Everyone told me their follow up work was tremendous, if something went wrong they make it right quickly, and I have seen the same.

Other thing is the cost is a little high, but the reason why is he stopped trying to estimate costs, so he finally adopted state plumbing standards. You can call him anytime tell him I want this work done and he gives you a good ball park figure immediately. In each of my cases the actual work was a little lower than estimate.

He’s honest, thorough, on time and his work is just clean. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Lew B. Valley Glen, CA February 14, 2018