Water heater selection guide

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Which type of water heater is right for you?

Heating water accounts for up to 20 percent of the average home’s energy budget. Of course this varies from household to household based on demand. Selecting the right type and size water heater is important to your overall energy budget.

Currently there are 4 major options for consumers to heat their water.

  • Storage tank water heaters in either gas or electric are the most traditional method, and the least expensive to purchase and install.
  • Tankless hot water heaters (instant hot water) only heat the water you use, instead of keeping heated water stored. These are more energy efficient and cost less to run. If space is an issue this may your best option.
  • Hybrid hot water heaters meld an electric storage-tank heater with a heat pump that captures warmth from the air. You may see an annual savings of about 60% over electric-only models. However, if your water heater runs on natural gas, it probably won’t save you much to switch.
  • Solar water heaters supplement an electric heater with heat from the sun’s rays. You could save up to 80% over electric. How much a solar water heater will save you is generally based on where you live. This may be a great option here in sunny California.


  • Tankless water heater size is based on a formula made up of flow rate, number of hot water devices and desired water temperature. It’s better to have a professional help you decide what size to purchase.
  • Storage tank and hybrid water heaters capacity is also based on a formula based on demand and peak usage. Even if you are replacing an existing unit, it’s best to have a professional plumber consult with you about the size you need for maximum comfort.
  • Solar-based systems are based on collection and storage and should be sourced by a professional contractor. A small (50- to 60-gallon) storage tank is usually sufficient for one to two three people. A medium (80-gallon) storage tank works well for three to four people. A large tank is appropriate for four to six people.

The plumbers and technicians at Village Plumbing & Heating in the LA and San Fernando Valley areas of Southern, CA have had thorough training to help you select the right hot water heater for your family. Call us today for a free consultation and quote. 1-800-585-2600.

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Elizabethan Classic Polished Brass Double Handled Faucets!

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January 12, 2012

Village Plumbing and Heating was in Encino this morning! customer wanted   new  brass  handled  fixtures..  We  let  her  choose  the  faucet  within  her price–  range.. She Choose The Elizabethan Classics. Polished brass douldle

handled bathroom faucet, and she had the his and hers  bathroom sinks. So Village Plumbing and Heating installed two bathroom fixtures that matched. For the shower  Village Plumbing had to open the wall, install a new valve with trim, then patched the wall back.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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January 11, 2012
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Sherman Oaks this morning. Village Plumbing and Heating had to removed a toilet flange and cleaned marble. Village also reset the the toilet with a new seal. Customer was very happy. tested working fine . No Leaks. In Los Angeles, Village Plumbing and Heating, removed old heat ex-changer

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from a Takagi Tank-less Water Heater, that had leaked and shut heater down. Village Plumbing and Heating installed a new heat ex-changer. We also installed a new filter and softener on number 2 heater. Village plumbed inlet and outlet. Tested working fine. Then we installed same filter on unit.1. Tested working fine. Customer was very happy.


Plumbing Contractor, (SFV) San Fernando Valley!

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January 10, 2012
Tired of Juggling Kids, Work, Shopping, (You Name It)?!
Let us make one thing easier: dealing with your plumbing.
You’ve busy multi-tasking every minute of every day. You shouldn’t have to juggle one more thing when you have a plumbing problem. That’s why Village Plumbing respects you, your time, your home, and your sanity when it comes to solving your plumbing problems quickly and conveniently.
How often have you wasted time waaiting for a plumber? Or worse, spent time cleaning up after he left your home? With Village Plumbing,

we respect your busy schedule and will always show up on time with complete “Warehouse on Wheels” so we don’t spend your time by running to get parts.
If your facing any of these issues, we’ll solve your problem in a pinch:
No hot water
Dripping faucets
Running toilets
Leaking toilet
Clogged toilet
Clogged kitchen sink drain
Stalled disposal
Leak in pipe or drain line
Problem with sump pump
So, if you’ve got a lot of balls in the air, let Village Plumbing simplify your life and solve your plumbing problems with the respect you deserve.


We Focus On Top Quality Service.

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January 9, 2012
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Porter Ranch this morning. We received a call from a customer that was referred by Takagi. Heater not working code 111. Checked and found high temperature cut off not working. Village will need to replace. Removed heat ex-changer and descaled. Will need to return to make repairs. Village Plumbing came back to Reseda. There is a call from customer that she n

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eeded an estimate to repair her water heater, checked to find 50 gallon water heater/ no hot water after 4.5 minutes. Owner will need to flush heater to get hot water back. In Tarzana. Customer had relief valve leaking. Checked pressure, and found it to be 150 pounds. Removed and replaced regulator and relief valve. Set to 60 pounds. Village Plumbing and Heating also repaired faucet, replaced washer and seats.


How can we HELP YOU?

Welcome to Village Plumbing Are your plumbing issues wearing you down? Village Plumbing provides top of the line plumbing services, and round-the-clock support that you can count on. Whether it’s a small leak, major repair, or general maintenance, we take care of all types of plumbing needs for residential and commercial establishments. Plumbing services Remodel... Learn more »