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January 9, 2012
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Porter Ranch this morning. We received a call from a customer that was referred by Takagi. Heater not working code 111. Checked and found high temperature cut off not working. Village will need to replace. Removed heat ex-changer and descaled. Will need to return to make repairs. Village Plumbing came back to Reseda. There is a call from customer that she n

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eeded an estimate to repair her water heater, checked to find 50 gallon water heater/ no hot water after 4.5 minutes. Owner will need to flush heater to get hot water back. In Tarzana. Customer had relief valve leaking. Checked pressure, and found it to be 150 pounds. Removed and replaced regulator and relief valve. Set to 60 pounds. Village Plumbing and Heating also repaired faucet, replaced washer and seats.


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