Simi Valley, Leak Detection!

Village Plumbing and Heating was in Studio City. Customer had a leak on tube Valve. Kholer single handle- Removed and replaced valve regulator. Tested working fine. No leaks.
Installed new filter for the instant hot as well.
Village Plumbing was in Topanga Canyon, Customer has a Big Problem up there. He and three other houses run off a well. The call was for a leak detection, but it was for no pressure from pump on well. We did a leak detection, but no leaks. Will have to come back and schedule more time to troubleshoot problem. Village Plumbing was in Thousand Oaks, Takagi Tankless Water Heaters, referred a customer to us because we are certified to work on their water heaters. In Thousand Oaks, A little Cafe needed their heater to be serviced for they had no hot water. Village Plumbing and heating, Cleaned the heat ex-changer, and changed the computer board.. In Simi Valley, Village Plumbing and Heating had to do a leak detection because the customers were getting a heavy odor of sewer in their home. We actually didn’t do a leak detection, Tech. was able to locate the problem, there was a vent inside the wall that had become disconnected. Village we return to do the work once approved.