Tank-less water heaters Malibu, and Pacific Palisades.

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January 6, 2012
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Pacific Palisades. There are two customers that live on the same street that were having problems with there tank-less water heater. Village Plumbing installed one heat ex-changer and one filter on each unit. At other location, we had to run more test, to find that the Manufacturer is going to replace the whole unit. We will reschedule to come back to in

stall new unit. Manufacturer will ship out over night..
Village Plumbing and Heating was in Malibu, after running new main water service, Village checked back yard and found leak on PVC pipe. Village Plumbing and Heating had to turn off water. Dug up earth and found leak on line. Cut bad section out and replaced. Left water off for 24 hours came back turned water back on, no leaks. Installed 1″ ball valve.


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