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John at Village Plumbing is first class. For one thing, he’s a licensed contractor, so he’s knowledgeable and educated. He’s got the professional documentation and credentials, and he knows so much about a lot of different fields such as plumbing, electrical, building, and so on. If he doesn’t know about something, he’s good at advising on finding out how to get things done. We call him for plumbing issues, heating, and just about everything.

He’s very responsible, and he will keep at a job until it’s done. In between time and stages in painting, he always comes back and finishes his work. He’s responsible financially, and if you’re not satisfied, he makes it right so there’s never an issue on money.

John has done work for me for maybe about 17 years, so I know him as a friend as well as professionally. He’s very responsible and has good character. His wife also works for Village Plumbing, and she answers the phone and makes the appointments. She is supportive and equality qualified at the job.

He’s also got some good stories and anecdotes. during the Vietnam war, he was on a ship and kept it afloat by working on the plumbing. When his time was up in the navy, they wanted him to stay on and take care of a nuclear submarine. He refused, but he was that good. And currently, he’s fixing up a boat with 3-4 sails on his own, with a bit of help in areas that he can’t do himself. He’s almost a dying breed of worker that can learn, do things capably, and is a pretty neat character.

Every once in a while, you get a really good worker, and if you’re fortunate, you can hang on to them for a while. He’s been working for me even as I moved from Studio City to La Crescenta, Pasadena, and back to Studio City. My friend bought a condo in Orange, and he went all the way from San Fernando Valley to help them get it the way that they wanted it. He establishes relationships with people, and that’s important in this field. He truly does excellent work and I would highly recommend him.

Sandy E. Studio City, CA February 14, 2018